VGP Live at Chattacon 40 - 2015 - Our Favorite Sci-fi films!

This year at Chattacon the VGP crew decided to discuss our favorite sci-fi movies! Each of the members brought 2 films to the table and we discussed them in typical fun VGP style! See if your favorites made the list! Come see us at ConNooga at the end of the month and stop by our table!

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The Walking Dead: From the Page to the Screen

Susan and Cory Keelen decided to conduct a panel based on the similarities and differences of The Walking Dead TV show vs the comic book. We had about 2 hours worth of content that we had to cram into 30 minutes of panel time, but it still turned out pretty nice. We're going to continue working on this panel and develop it further for future cons. We hope you enjoy!

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House of Horrors - Live at Chattacon 40 - 2015

This year, at Chattacon Eric and Cory decdided to present their favorite under-appreciated horror films. These films range from the 60's to the 2000's. We hope you enjoy our live panel and we'll see you all at Chattacon 41!!!

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