In this episode, we begin our discussion on retro video games. We also give shout outs to several of our listeners and play some of the voicemails they left for us. VG News includes stories about The Walking Dead, upcoming Marvel films and a new game in the line of Arkham Asylum. Part 2 of this episode will be available 2/22/2013. This episode is brought to you by

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This episode is devoted to The Walking Dead. From the comics to the TV show to the video game...we cover a lot of the Walking Dead mythology. We discuss out top 3 characters and top 3 moments from the series. We also discuss our predictions for the upcoming season 3.5 and what we would like to see happen in the story.

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Episode 4 - Salute to Star Wars

This episode is all about Star Wars! We discuss upcoming films and shows in VG News. Listener interactions and shout outs are given. Our first giveaway winner is finally revealed! Find out what hot new action figures and collectibles are coming out in the next couple of months and get suggestions on what to watch, read and play from the VG crew. The main segment of our podcast deals with the top 3 heroes, top 3 villains and the 3 worst moments in Star Wars history. The force is strong with this one.

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In this episode, we discuss different types of science fiction media. In VG News we discuss upcoming films, the Batmobile and reveal who's been hired to direct Star Wars Episode 7! The VG Crew discuss what they've been reading and watching in the world of geeks. Then present their top 3 and bottom 3 picks for sci-fi films. Several other topics are covered including upcoming conventions and con news. Also...Laurence Fishbone...fact or fiction!?!

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In this episode, we discuss comic books and comic book movies. Listeners are introduced to some new voices. Brian presents his VG News segment with current events from the geek perspective. Patrick gives us the run down about new comics and action figures from the Previews magazine. Then the crew goes over their top 3 and bottom 3 comic book movies of all time.

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This is our very first podcast. In this episode we give brief introductions and discuss horror film remakes. We also talk about our best geek Christmas gifts and upcoming films.
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